Bad Romance (Trombone Quartet)


Trombone Quartet


Even though Lady Gaga’s music has been well known for a while, it hasn’t become a staple of the trombone repertoire… UNTIL NOW!

This is a fun arrangement of her song “Bad Romance” and it has been a great crowd-pleaser for the audience of the King Street Trombone Quartet. It has it’s fair share of low notes for the bass trombonist to simulate the booming bass of the dance-centric style.

“When the NSO trombone section performed a series of recitals in and around Washington DC last year, we ended each performance with Will Timmons’ fantastic arrangement of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. It was a blast to look out and see the surprised smiles each time we played this piece. Everyone loved it and we got a kick out of playing it!”

Craig Mulcahy
Principal Trombone
National Symphony