Awake the Harp (Trombone Quartet)



Awake the Harp, No. 10 from Haydn’s Creation, is a musical depiction of the third day of creation. Arranged here for trombone quartet, the opening recitative is the heavenly host proclaiming the third day. The following fugue is set to the text, “For the heavens and Earth/He has clothed in stately dress.” This is a reference to the creation of the land and sea which covers the Earth.

The vocal and orchestral lines have been combined in a lively arrangement for trombones. The fugue sections allow each voice to play an important role. However the homogenous orchestral writing allows for section playing as well. Set in the original key, the arrangement is as faithful as possible to Haydn’s writing and contains some demanding technical ability. Awake the Harp can serve as an alternative or be combined with the the popular, Achiev’d is a Glorious Work.