Captain Finch’s Quickstep (Brass Band)



This the version containing the original brass band parts.  If you are looking for the modern concert band version, click here.

The original trio is in C-flat major, making it difficult for younger players to successfully perform it.

– Emmett Anglin


“The probable date of composition is sometime between 1850 and 1860. This arrangement, presumably Grafulla’s, is from the manuscript band books of the Third New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, first set, no. 48, in the Music Division, Library of Congress. They are frequently referred to as the “Port Royal Band Books” because it was on Port Royal Island, S.C., that the band, under the leadership of Gustavus Ingalls, spent the greater part of the Civil War.

Grafulla is represented by so many compositions and arrangements in the first set of these books that they have sometimes been erroneously referred to as “the Grafulla books” and pieces now known to be by others were once attributed to him. However, “Captain Finch’s Quickstep” is one of the seventeen out of about fifty works in the collection with which he can certainly be credited. The demanding soprano parts are characteristic of the brass band style of the period, a style toward which Grafulla made a significant contribution. The piccolo part is in the original manuscript.”

– Library of Congress